Cooperation plans


We receive leads from you

You provide us with leads for predefined services and stacks. The transfer occurs privately, and subsequent lead actions are documented as comments for transparent deal tracking or project progress monitoring


We process the lead

We take independent charge of the lead, engaging with the client, conducting briefings, and analyzing the client's niche and competitors to present the optimal proposal



Upon contract signing, project commencement, and receipt of the client's advance payment, you earn a 10% commission on the prepayment



Throughout the project, we keep you consistently updated on the process, ensuring transparency and avoiding any surprises



Upon project completion and receipt of the remaining payment, you receive a 20% commission on the total amount. Ultimately, without exerting effort or taking risks, you realize a profit



We collaboratively establish task lists and explore solutions during the briefing phase


Technical specifications

Develop technical specifications, reaching agreements on deadlines, budgets, and reporting formats



Reciprocal access exchange for project collaboration, depending on the location of the test environment



Implement the technical specification and present everything for your review. If any task is inaccurately completed, we rectify it at no additional cost and in the shortest possible time



Upon completion of the work, we receive the payment and finalize the process by signing a contract for the full transfer of rights to the executed technical specification (IP Transfer Agreement)

Let's cooperate

As a full-service digital agency, we don't just provide services - we cultivate partnerships.

From concept to execution, we encompass the entire digital spectrum. Whether it's web development, web, app design, branding, SEO or marketing strategies, we have specialists in every domain under one roof. This seamless integration ensures cohesive, top-notch results

If you are

  • Website Development agency
  • SEO agency
  • Web Design studio

that seeking for a partner to complete your project

don't hesitate to contact us!

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Our unique experience enables us to implement the most bold ideas and strategies for your projects

Our goal is to minimize the resources you need to invest, both in terms of time and money

Experience the difference of a true full-service digital agency — where your vision meets our expertise, and extraordinary digital experiences are born

About our company

Innovative approach only

Using best practices only that's makes your project a gold standard

Saving your budget

Huge experience, excellent team, and resource allocation allow us to save your budget up to 500% compared

Lifetime support

On each developed project with up to 12 hours of feedback and maintenance

20% on average

We are ahead of schedule for design, development, and SEO services

15+I want to be a part of WPrime experts

In-house team with experience from 3 up to 18 years with permanent knowledge updating

100% warranty

All KPIs are contractually fixed for your peace of mind in business growth


months to get first SEO results


year to become a leader

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