What you
should do

- UI/UX Implementation: Collaborating closely with our design team to translate wireframes and mockups into pixel-perfect, responsive web interfaces that adhere to design guidelines and accessibility standards.

- Frontend Development: Writing clean, efficient, and reusable code using the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies, with a strong emphasis on modern frontend frameworks such as React.js or Vue.js.

- Component-based Architecture: Designing and implementing reusable UI components and libraries to streamline development workflows and ensure consistency across our applications.

- Performance Optimization: Conducting performance audits and implementing optimizations to enhance frontend performance, including lazy loading, code splitting, and image optimization techniques.

- Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensuring cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness across various devices and screen sizes through thorough testing and debugging.

- Integration with Backend Systems: Collaborating with backend developers to integrate frontend components with backend APIs and services, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality.

- Version Control and Deployment: Utilizing version control systems like Git for collaborative development and managing deployment pipelines for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

- Code Reviews and Best Practices: Participating in code reviews, providing constructive feedback, and adhering to coding standards, best practices, and industry conventions.

you’ll get

- Competitive salary package with performance-based bonuses.

- Comprehensive benefits package including health insurance and retirement plans.

- Flexible work hours and remote work options.

- Professional development opportunities and budget for training and certifications.

- Vibrant and collaborative work culture with team-building activities and events.

is needed

- Proven experience as a Frontend Developer or similar role, with a demonstrable portfolio showcasing frontend projects and applications.

- Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3/Sass/Less, and JavaScript/ES6+.

- Strong expertise in frontend frameworks/libraries such as React.js.

- Experience with state management libraries such as Redux or Vuex is a plus.

- Familiarity with frontend build tools and bundlers such as Webpack, Parcel, or Rollup.

- Solid understanding of RESTful APIs and asynchronous programming concepts.

- Knowledge of frontend testing frameworks and methodologies (e.g., Jest, React Testing Library).

- Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail, with a passion for clean and maintainable code.

About wprime

WPrime is a digital integrator with a focus on design and development of digital products and search marketing

We make sure that our employees receive a decent salary, develop comprehensively and work in comfortable conditions. Many in our team have become specialists and appointed managers within the company.

This means that you also have a chance to achieve a high level in WPrime

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